SINCE 1991

August 28th, 1991, YD Works (Reg no; 101-A/M-5/91/571) was started as a firm and have been successfully working ever since, At the beginning we were running a steel and metal fabrication workshop, building sea vessels and its repairs- landing craft, barge, Tugs, cargo ships and steel related work of vessels. That was the type of work we had been specialized until 1992 the chairman Mr. Yoosuf Donmanik AKA Mr. YD decided to expand his work to the next level which was to widen his company towards building and construction.

Construction Work was our next step that time and it have been leading us towards many varities of work in the industry, from that we have been doing construction of multi story buildings ,ware houses, steel structures , steel towers, road Maintaining , sewerage network, water network, building sea wall and all types of construction and infrastructure related works.

*AKA = also known as

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