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River sand and aggregate packed and ready for supply. for more infomation please contact us.

Try Our FREE Concrete Calculation sheet, Concrete calculator for FREE, this sheet will make things alot easy for you.

Our building and construction field been stepping forward with every day with new challenges.

we can do:
  • Demolition work
  • Site rubble cleaning
  • Leveling of grounds
  • Removing trees & bushes
  • Excavation of foundation
  • Sheet pilling works


Concreting service, complete set, crane + bucket + 3 bag mixer.


we can help you with your logistic works, we can deliver bulk loads of material anywhere in Maldives, we do can help you transport ships cargo, unloading cargo ships. we are mainly focused in Greater Male region.


Our Building Construction is a Complete housing solution for you, from structural work to its finishing.

we have different kinds of specialist for different kinds of jobs for your Building to be completed.



Steel bar

we have all sizes of defomed steel bar, length 6 Meters

Price; xx .00

Call NOW; 335 0070

pipe laying

Laying of sewer pipe line, water pipe line, electrical cables, TV cables is done throughout the Maldives to the standard using modern day equipments.

Our works are done in Male' , Hulhumale, Resorts, and islands.



Plywood 12mm

12mm Plywood, film phase, black .


Call NOW;


Welding and metal fabrication workshop has brought a lot of dreams to a reality, we build steel towers, TV Towers, Telephone Towers, Water towers etc.

our metal work shop can fabricate what ever client needs, our welding section is looking for new challenges



Binding wire

20 gage Binding wire 10kg rolls .

Price; xx

Call NOW; 335 0070



Heavy and light vehicles/Equipments for Lease


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we are specialized in
Steel related works, construction, civil consultation and design, demolition, sewer n water network, masonry and finishing works, overhead cranes, steel tower, importing special items, industrial gas supply etc...

"We deliver quality products, quality service, on time with passion"

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